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e-Fuel Delivery Management Major Feature Comparison

e-Fuel Delivery Management is One System for tank monitors, forecasting, scheduling, routing, mapping and mobile. e-Fuel is a 100% web based system that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. No IT required, just Internet Explorer and an Internet connection. Individual login for each user with no limit to the number of users. Run parallel with your existing system during start up. Easily upgrade at any time.

Tank Monitor: Installation and Maintenance Features

Version Comparison

Lite Pro Enterprise
Low cost installation options for deploying 1 or 10,000 monitors Y Y
Tank monitor hardware installation flexibility-adapts to all situations Y Y Y
Quick Post to easily add individual installations Y Y Y
Install logs, route maps and custom filtering capabilities N Y Y
Tank monitor alerts with email and/or text messaging Y Y Y
Status Quick View tank monitor status and maintenance check Y Y Y
Save custom searches for repeated use Y Y Y
Quick view of each tanks scheduled delivery, tank level and status Y Y Y
30+ standard reports for tank monitor status and follow up Y Y Y
Tank monitor auto scheduler makes sure deliveries don't get missed Y Y Y
Extensive charting of historical tank monitor data Y Y Y
Advanced data filtering: 48 readings a day for most accurate data Y Y Y
Local calling discount- eliminate 800# calls and save on monthly fees³ N Y Y
Drivers can review tank monitor status on route with e-Fuel Mobile N Y Y
Easy setup-load all account information with flexible import support Y
Full support for 3rd party tank monitors (Fall 2013)4 N Y Y
Full support for automatic accounting system updates N Y Y
Notes: (1) Limited to 100 tanks, upgrade to Pro for unlimited tank monitors. (2) Fully automated accounting integration required for best performance. (3) Where available, reduces monthly fee by up to $2 per monitor. (4) Dependent on accounting vendor for support. Contact us for further information.
Revolution Forecasting Features
Version Comparison Lite Pro Enterprise
Today + 90 Rolling Usage Forecast for automatic, always up to date tank level for all active tanks including Keep Full, Routed, Julian and Will Call for the next 90 days. Uses the latest level from monitor, delivery history, e-Fuel Mobile or observed. Y Y
Automatic weather data from the closest NWS weather station every 30 minutes. Y Y
Automatic weather forecast by a NWS every 4 hours. Y Y
Replace look up tables with up to date statistical models for each customer's tank. Y Y Y
Usage profiles are maintained on a 2 year rolling historical based on tank level and weather data. Profiles are updated with latest level and weather data. Y Y Y
e-Fuel choses the best data available for profiling from all available historical data. Y Y Y
2 year Seasonal Usage Profiles expand Degree Day Summer / Winter / Heat/ Non-heat providing finer usage detail for more accurate forecast. Y Y Y
Continually lower target fill levels-as the system learns more about customer usage patterns and refines the usage forecast year after year. Y Y Y
Load Profiles and Custom Usage Statistics further improve usage estimates. Y Y Y
Tank Impersonations and Standard Usage Types to smoothly handle new customers, home sales and rentals. Y Y Y
Flexible 'What If' forecasting tools-set up to automatically handle tough customer requirements and save scenarios. Y Y Y
Use e-Fuel tank monitors to maximize Revolution Forecasting accuracy with high quality data, inside and outside temperatures. Y Y Y
Notes: (1) Monitored tanks only. (2) Optional automatic historical weather and 10 day forecast, set up fee plus monthly fee.
PowerMax Scheduler Features
Version Comparison Lite Pro Enterprise
Automatic Scheduling Engine-creates and updates deliveries required to meet all user requirements including Routed, AutoFill, Julian and Will Call. N Y Y
90 Day Order Queue-anticipate delivery resources & manage shoulder seasons more effectively. Automatically maintains up to date schedules, maps and routes for all active customer tanks. N Y Y
Delivery Sets-week at a glance look into the 90 Day Order Queue, maps, routes and estimated gallons for all trucks for every week. Y Y Y
Mapping, Route Optimization and GPS tracking history-very powerful visual delivery management and one click route optimization. Y Y Y
Delivery List-list of accounts that are 'Ready for Delivery', 'On Hold', and 'Need Review' before release due to Credit or Skipped Delivery Y
Will Call Management-Will Calls automatically scheduled along with AutoFill. Quick list to review and manage with AutoFill or separately. Y Y Y
9 Automatic and 2 Manual Scheduling Methods - Allows you to tailor your business to customer needs and still run automatically. Combine with e-Fuel Tank Monitors to dramatically boost scheduling efficiency. Y Y
Flexible Stop/Start Scheduling Hold-Great for seasonal users, short term projects or temporary issues where deliveries need to be stopped. Y Y Y
Right Click on any customer on any screen to 'Add', 'Find', or 'Review' open deliveries and delivery status, or go to any part of e-Fuel for that customer. Y Y Y
Comprehensive tank monitor status throughout-the latest information where you need it. Y Y Y
Tank Impersonations and Standard Usage Profiles-leverage your understanding of your user's behavior to streamline scheduling. N Y Y
On Demand Reports-easy custom reports where and when you need them. Define a search and rerun it any time, output PDF, Excel or Word. Schedule standard reports for automatic delivery via email. Y Y Y
Automatic Geo Coding-3 tier automatic system keeps route maps accurate and up to date using Bing maps and GPS records from e-Fuel Mobile. Y4 Y4 Y4
Collaborative Scheduling Tools-Use Data Views to group multiple operating locations together. All e-Fuel pages, including schedules and maps, change to show all locations in the Data View group. Two clicks to change location or group. N Y5 Y
Notes: (1) 2 scheduling methods; limited to 100 tanks. (2) Credit hold management not available with Lite. (3) Credit management requires updated credit status from accounting system. (4) GPS hardware must be installed in bobtail. (5) One operating location + one location for wholesale suppliers to login and see storage tank readings.
e-Fuel Customer Service Features
Version Comparison Lite Pro Enterprise
Right click navigation to easily and quickly add or check deliveries, check credit, pricing and more. Y Y Y
Use e-Fuel Mobile to stay in touch with drivers and service tech's while accessing and uploading the latest customer information, credit status, delivery status, tank monitor status and open service cases. N Y Y
Web Site Integration-e-Fuel offers additional low cost options to draw customers to your website and add customer service capabilities including:
Customers can easily log in to view their account status, tank level and usage history and delivery schedule.   Y Y Y
Customers can request change in delivery schedule N Y Y
Customers can leave messages on tank level, building plans, vacations. N Y Y
Build your own pages for integration into your existing site using e-Fuel data or link from your site to our pre-built pages. Y Y Y
Get real time communication from customer portal to dispatch, customer service and drivers. N Y Y
Note: (1) Some features are limited due to less available information. (2) Capabilities depend on accounting system integration, semi-custom installations are typical, special packages available when promoting The Fuel Web products on your company site.
Accounting System Integration Features
Version Comparison Lite Pro Enterprise
Manual, Automated and Custom integration options available Y Y Y
Support automatic updates from industry leading accounting systems¹ QuickBooks, ADDS, RCC, DM2 and custom N Y Y
Data imports available: M=Manual  A=Automated
Account/addresses/tank/delivery instructions-reference M M/A M/A
Delivery History N M/A M/A
Pricing/Taxes/Credit N M/A M/A
Export and send delivery transactions from e-Fuel Mobile² M M/A M/A
Note: (1) Setup fee applies for automated updates (2) Supports CSV, QuickBooks, Liquid Controls, MidCom and custom formats.
e-Fuel Mobile Features
Version Comparison Lite Pro Enterprise
Quick Low Cost Setup- get off the shelf low cost hardware, download, install and go. Works with the NEW low cost Windows tablets, laptops and Mobile PDA's. Drivers immediately gain productivity and have a more flexible process for managing fuel deliveries. N Y Y
e-Fuel Anywhere-web based system gives quick access to customer and delivery status anywhere, anytime. Great for night and weekend shifts. Y Y Y
One System-automatically syncs deliveries with e-Fuel PowerMax scheduling at the end of every shift or on demand for always up to date delivery list, maps, routes and operating status. N Y Y
Ordered delivery list, maps and driving directions. Look up customers, add new deliveries, check credit status, review and update open customer service issues and check tank monitor status. Print receipts, get signatures, complete deliveries. N Y Y
Detailed operations reporting-use delivery data, events and GPS logging N Y Y
Streamlined delivery invoice posting-supports most accounting systems N Y Y
Excellent shift control-keep operating reports consistent and reduce errors N Y Y
Electronic registers and printers-full support for Liquid Controls LCR 1&2 N Y Y
No electronic register required-manual mode option with portable printer N Y Y
Approvals-CA Weights and Measures Certified N Y Y
Full truck inspection reports-Mandatory truck inspection when shift starts N Y Y
Captures Geo Code- every minute plus every time a delivery is made; automatically update e-Fuel account addresses with the latest Geo Code. Verify delivery location. N Y Y
WIFI and Broadband support-Open and close shifts, sync delivery orders and location data on route. N Y Y
Control prices and taxes-control a user's ability to over ride pricing N Y Y
Flexible receipt printing- header, footer and pricing options; supports preprinted forms, rolls and sheets. Supports standard impact printer and thermal roll printer, Bluetooth and wired printers. N Y Y
Reliable data management-built on Microsoft SQL server and SQL Mobile for enterprise class mobile data management. N Y Y
Export delivery transaction-automatically send transaction for posting¹ N Y Y
Notes: (1) Setup fee applies
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