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The Fuel Web Announces e-Fuel Mobile 2013 Packages Now Available in The Fuel Web Store

Battle Ground Washington - November 1, 2013

New hardware packages for e-Fuel Mobile 2013 are now available in The Fuel Web store. Packs include Microsoft Windows 8 Pro based tablets, with options to use Bluetooth wireless communication and/or a Garmin portable GPS navigation unit.

Flexible set up options, with both hardwired and wireless packages available, make it low cost, easy and quick for propane companies to get on the road with e-Fuel Mobile. Packages include a Dell Latitude Windows 8 Touchscreen Tablet, RAM Tablet mount, Global Sat GPS as well as USB hub and cables. Tablet will be fully configured for e-Fuel Mobile to automate shift processing and delivery transactions, provide flexible register and printer support, streamline posting and allow for operations/mobile integration with geocoding and location tracking, real time customer service cases and delivery data synchronization between the office and the truck.

e-Fuel Mobile delivers the top value for propane marketers by integrating the full benefits of e-Fuel Delivery Management, extending the office to the driver in the bobtail to streamline deliveries, allow for faster response time to customer requests and reduce or eliminate errors. e-Fuel Mobile keeps propane companies in command of deliveries with strong shift controls and reporting.

e-Fuel Mobile 2013 is a native part of the e-Fuel Delivery Management 'One System' approach, with no additional software or system integration required, and is included as a free download to Pro and Enterprise customers.

About The Fuel Web
The Fuel web is a leading provider of delivery management, tank monitoring and mobile solutions for the LPG industry. Founded in 2001, The Fuel Web has developed e-Fuel Delivery Management in partnership with a diverse customer base of propane companies. The Fuel Web is the only supplier to the propane industry that makes one complete system to truly optimize delivery operations including tank monitors, forecasting and scheduling, routing, mapping and mobile delivery management. The Fuel Web is a Microsoft Small Business Specialist.

All e-Fuel products are available to propane marketers at The Fuel Web online store.