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e-Fuel delivery management

Turning Information Into Actions


e-Fuel Delivery Management has been developed as One System specifically for propane marketers to manage their delivery operations. e-Fuel includes utility grade tank monitors with tank monitor deployment, installation and maintenance tracking, forecasting, scheduling, mapping, routing and mobile.


A web service, e-Fuel is a Windows based, feature rich business platform that automates repetitive tasks, and gives both drivers and operations additional control over schedules and sudden customer requests while minimizing drive time and delivering the most gallons per mile.


e-Fuel Mobile, available as a free download in Pro and Enterprise, automates shift processing and delivery transactions for fuel deliveries. Part of the e-Fuel One System Advantage so fuel delivery schedules, tank monitor data and customer information are always in sync with all e-Fuel Delivery Management features. Get customer and delivery status anywhere, anytime; great for weekend deliveries. Extend your office to the bobtail and bring the bobtail into the office.


 e-Fuel Delivery Management is the big system that works no matter your size, now and into the future. e-Fuel is available in three versions, Lite, Pro and Enterprise so your company can easily grow with e-Fuel.


e-Fuel Lite

  • Schedule up to 100 tanks

  • No user limits

  • Must use tank monitors

  • Buy a tank monitor-get e-Fuel Delivery Management

e-Fuel Pro

  • Schedule up to 6,000 tanks

  • No user limits

  • Use with or without tank monitors

  • Includes e-Fuel Mobile

e-Fuel Enterprise

  • Use on an unlimited number of tanks

  • No user limits

  • Includes e-Fuel Mobile

  • Custom versions available

  • Use The Fuel Web cloud service or licensing options are available

    • You host and we administer

    • You host and you administer

  • Call us for details

e-Fuel Delivery Management is a low cost, low risk system.

  • Easily migrate from your existing system to the most advanced system on the market.

  • Run parallel with your existing system when starting out.

  • No IT investment; e-Fuel fits into your existing business setup.

  • No contract required, try it month to month.

Call us today to add value and efficiency, decrease costs, and increase collaboration between personnel and branches with e-Fuel Delivery Management.  

       Unique to e-Fuel Features

Today + 90 Order Queue
At a glance view of all deliveries, maps and routes for the next 90 days. 

Will Call Opportunity Management
Forecast and schedule with 1 click delivery release.

5 Automated  and 2 Manual Scheduling Tools
Efficient delivery scheduling for even the toughest users.

Tank Monitor Data Integration
Data shown and used throughout e-Fuel for improved delivery accuracy.

Tank Monitor Maintenance Management
See tank monitor status and field testing in Delivery Management and Mobile.

Collaborative Scheduling
Data Views for flexibility in grouping delivery locations.

Easy to Use Tools
Right click for access to all information on the selected account.

Flexible Reporting
Quickly create reports in 5 standard formats from most pages.