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News Release
The Fuel Web (TFW) Announces e-Fuel Delivery Management 2013 with Major New Feature Enhancements for its Web Based Propane Delivery Management Business Platform.

Battle Ground, WA, August 23, 2013 - With the release of e-Fuel 2013, The Fuel Web further enhances its industry leading web based e-Fuel Delivery Management system by increasing the powerful options for tailoring forecasting and scheduling efficiency for each customer and an upgraded e-Fuel Mobile that take advantage of the latest Windows 8 tablets. In today's competitive energy market, propane companies need a feature rich business platform to run delivery operations and maintain customer service that is competitive with other alternative fuel options. e-Fuel delivers.

Tom Walker, President of The Fuel Web says "e-Fuel Delivery Management starts with a robust mainstream technology engine that allows us to move new features and capabilities into production quickly. With e-Fuel 2013 we were looking to make the user interface faster and more intuitive for dispatch, customer service, and manager/owners; less key strokes, fewer clicks, and the addition of new features that add accuracy to forecasts and flexibility to scheduling. At The Fuel Web we are always looking for feedback from our users, and we drew on that feedback when programming new features for e-Fuel 2013."

The new capabilities in e-Fuel 2013 build on TFW's forecasting and scheduling engine that has been refined over the last decade with the help of some close customer partnerships. e-Fuel 2013 focuses on leveraging the existing system's forecasting and scheduling capabilities to give the scheduler(s) and the operation manager(s) tighter control over how the system estimates usage and ultimately schedules the deliveries. The result is a more efficient delivery process and better customer service.

e-Fuel Mobile, part of e-Fuel Delivery Management's 'One System' approach, has undergone a major upgrade, taking advantage of Microsoft Windows 8 Pro for touchscreen tablets to run on this standard low cost platform adding a dozen new features to its successful PDA based system. Use mobile broadband or WI-FI hot spots to provide live sync with the office while on the road for two way order updates and real time GPS location information, extending the office to the driver in the bobtail and bringing the bobtail into the office.

About The Fuel Web
The Fuel Web is a leading provider of delivery management, tank monitoring and mobile solutions for the LPG industry. Founded in 2001, The Fuel Web has developed e-Fuel Delivery Management in partnership with a diverse customer base of propane companies. The Fuel Web is the only supplier to the propane industry that makes one complete system to truly optimize delivery operations including tank monitors, forecasting, and scheduling, routing, mapping and mobile delivery management.