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e-Fuel PowerMax Scheduling

PowerMax is an automatic scheduling engine that gives your organization the highest level of flexibility to customize the way you view delivery operations, control costs, optimize deliveries and manage resources. These new capabilities allow your operating people to continually improve average gallons per drop while remaining flexible to meet customer fuel delivery expectations.

See how e-Fuel automatically schedules customers with unusual usage patterns.


Customer #1 has a mountain home. From October to March he uses propane for heat. From April to the end of June he heats a pool and spa. In July, August and September the house is vacant. With e-Fuel you set the system one time and it will automatically maintain a delivery schedule until stopped or changed.


Set up is easy. Set the schedule method to use weather forecasting for heat. Then add an additional non-heat usage load of 5 gallons per day for the pool and spa from April 1 to June 30th. Enabling the zone calendar option on these delivery methods will place deliveries on the nearest zone calendar day. Set Delivery Stop to begin on July 1 and end on September 31. 

Scheduling Summary
Scheduling Summary

Key Feature   90 Day Order Queue for Predictive Scheduling Power

The e-Fuel 90 Day Order Queue will open your eyes to a new way of looking at your deliveries. See what is happening with a customer today, tomorrow, next week, next month or in 90 days. Forget about scheduling one delivery at a time. Using up to 18 statistical records for each tank, e-Fuel automatically predicts multiple delivery dates for each of your customers as far out as 90 Days. Lose the guesswork, gain efficiency and smoother operations and reduce operating costs.

Top 90 Day Order Queue Features

  • Predicts automatically how may deliveries are needed on a rolling 90 day basis.

  • Schedules, maps and routes all of those deliveries.

  • Automatically updates the schedules, maps and routes as new information comes in.

  • Automates the scheduling of any customer requirement.

  • synchronized live with mobile activity for a quick overview of today's operations.

  • Manages all deliveries in real time.

  • Part of e-Fuel Delivery Management One System website with 24/7 anywhere access and no user limits. 

Top 90 Day Order Queue Benefits

  • More accurately anticipate propane delivery resources and manage the effects of weather.

  • Improve the ability to balance daily product requirements with fuel delivery schedules.

  • Increase the average gallons per drop significantly by confidently setting fuel target levels lower.

  • Automatically manage customer high, low and shoulder season fuel delivery requirements with short and long term fuel planning capabilities.

  • Reduce or eliminate fuel delivery run-outs, emergency fills, missed deliveries and no delivery stops.

  • Delivery Set
    Delivery Set
  • Delivery Set Chart
    Delivery Set Chart
  • Shoulder Season Chart
    Shoulder Season Chart

Delivery Sets

Quickly review and manage:

  • Number of fuel deliveries by day per bobtail and retail location.

  • Number of gallons by day per bobtail and retail location

  • Interactive fuel delivery management maps by day by bobtail.

  • On screen and printed fuel delivery list for any day and bobtail.

  • Manage deliveries and routes with interactive Maps showing all open
    deliveries by location and truck with miles, time, gallons, reloads and route optimization.

  • For multiple retail outlets change Data Views to enable comprehensive views of multiple locations together; custom groups change the Delivery Sets and 90 Day Order Queue as well as Schedules, Forecast, Maps and routes. All content reflects the combined data from all locations in the selected group.

Delivery Set
Delivery Set


Give your operation a week-at-a-glance look into the 90 Day Order Queue, with always up to date estimated gallons, routes and maps for all trucks for every day in the 90 day order queue; like electronic ticket buckets.  Mapped fuel deliveries flow out to e-Fuel Mobile, get completed and automatically close out when they come back. Maps, Fuel Delivery List and Sets always reflect the latest information. 

Mapping, Route Optimization & GPS Tracking

Manage Deliveries Visually:  Easy to use one click route optimization.

Uses Microsoft BingTM for maps and geocode information.

 Detailed maps for each truck for each day for the next 90 days:

  • View by all bobtails for a day or just a single bobtail

  • Popup separate maps for each bobtail or day

  • Easily move fuel deliveries to different days or bobtails

  • Insert reload points

  • Real time bobtail information (if GPS and wireless are installed)

  • Fuel deliveries made/closed

  • Fuel deliveries remaining/open

  • Gallons remaining

  • Mileage and time remaining

  • Road, Aerial and 3d Maps

Supports rubber banding and point and click selection to easily customize groups of tanks. Easily reschedule multiple deliveries at one time.  Directly edit the delivery day and truck information displayed on the map.

Maintains maps and driving directions for delivery lists. Works seamlessly with e-Fuel Mobile for always up to date real time fuel delivery status and control.

Geocoding   Good, Better, Best

3 tier automatic system keeps route maps accurate and up to date using Bing maps and GPS records from e-Fuel Mobile.

  • Geocoding assigns accurate latitude and longitude to delivery addresses.

  • Complete geo-codes enable the most effective use of advanced mapping and routing systems.

  • The system Geocodes automatically during account setup using the Microsoft Bing™ service then

  • Geocodes again during fuel delivery using e-Fuel Mobile enabled with GPS.

  • Scheduling Maps and Delivery Sets show tanks with missing Geo-codes so its easy to make sure every tank has an accurate location when scheduling.

  • Quick access to tanks with problem addresses, 1 click geo-coding or popup a map and find the address and click to capture the geo-code from the map.

  • Topographical Map
    Topographical Map
  • Map with Options
    Map with Options
  • Map-Find Geocode
    Map-Find Geocode
  • Aerial map with account popup
    Aerial map with account popup


The system automatically populates maps and routes for 90 days in the future and provides easy to use but very powerful tools to further review, refine and adjust fuel deliveries. The results are automatically pushed and pulled from your e-Fuel Mobile enabled trucks and drivers. Maps, routes and driving directions improve driver efficiency and improve the learning curve for new drivers. Mileage and time estimates improve resource planning and decrease transportation costs. Location data and route history enables drivers, dispatch and operations to improve efficiency in fuel delivery planning and customer service decisions. 

Delivery List

Manage committed deliveries(ready for delivery), upcoming deliveries (up to 90 days in the future), manually added deliveries and deliveries that need to be reviewed before releasing (Needs Review). Quickly review automatically generated will call opportunities and convert to orders in two clicks.

New. Delivery changes highlighted. Prior to the update there was no indication for a change in delivery date. Now the letter in the Schedule Method column is highlighted when the delivery date has been manually changed from the original system generated date so you can easily check to see what deliveries need to be reviewed for rescheduling.

Example: Todays delivery list has 40 deliveries. Quickly focus on the two that need to be reviewed due to changes.

Tabbed List 

Quick list of accounts that are 'Ready for Delivery' or  'Need Review' before release. The system automatically flags delivery holds for reasons like 'Credit' and 'Will Call'. Easily release customers for fuel delivery in 3 clicks.  Interactively reschedule, change truck assignments or cancel.  Easily add new fuel deliveries, view past due deliveries and review any range of historical or future fuel delivery days.

One Day Delivery List
Review Delivery List

Credit Status 

Efficiently implement credit rules that affect delivery status. Hold fuel deliveries needing review. Automatic credit release reschedules fuel deliveries past due because of credit. Authorized users have access to quick review & one click approval.

Needs Review
 Needs Review

Will Call Management

The forecast and scheduling system automatically estimates fuel delivery requirements for active will call customers just like automatic fill customers. Review a list of will call customers estimated to need a fill in the next 90 days at any time.  A simple dropdown selection shows Routed, Will Call or All automatically scheduled fuel deliveries.  Will call customers are always flagged for review to not overload the normal daily scheduling of routed orders. Fill in existing routes with new orders and deliver more fuel with minimal extra effort. 

Will Call
Will Call

Mobile Sync 

The Delivery List reflects the results of delivery actions completed by the drivers using e-Fuel Mobile.  e-Fuel deliveries not completed remain open, deliveries skipped or rescheduled by the driver are flagged for review so the scheduler knows there was an exception handling these deliveries and can reschedule or cancel as needed. Current credit status and payment instructions are accessed by the driver at each stop so personnel can quickly resolve credit and fuel delivery issues with customers. 

Skipped Delivery
Skipped Delivery

Right Click

Right click on any customer on any screen for one click access to most major functions including Add a Delivery, Review open deliveries, check credit and pricing status or review overall tank status.  Navigate through e-Fuel focused on one customer.

Right Click
Right Click


Quick and easy navigation through the application while on the phone with the customer or working through delivery scheduling.  Lots of convenient uses, like using search to narrow a list of tanks, work down the list with right click and review or add deliveries, check credit and pricing or set scheduling options. Easy and powerful tools are provided to manage the list of open orders to meet customer fuel delivery requirements, more effectively schedule fuel deliveries and better leverage the will call customer opportunity.

Comprehensive tank monitor status is displayed throughout e-Fuel giving you the latest fuel level information where you need it.  No other fuel delivery system leverages the opportunity provided by tank monitors like e-Fuel does to improve forecasting and scheduling.

tank console
tank console

Scheduling Tools

Powerful tools allow you to set various automatic scheduling options so fuel deliveries come up in the delivery list automatically when the customer needs delivery.  Combined with Delivery Control options there is no customer delivery requirement that can't be automatically scheduled.

5 Automatic and 2 Manual Scheduling Methods give you a combination of scheduling options that allows you to tailor your delivery scheduling to your customers needs and still run automatically. Automatically schedule using:

  • Zone Calendars

  • Julian periods

  • Weekly recurring

  • Tank Monitor Auto schedule

  • Manually Entered

  • Driver Entered methods

Establish and manage Zones using the Zone Management map and create Zone Calendars so the system can automatically forecast and schedule fuel deliveries to the nearest Zone calendar day.  Easily organize your customers into zones using the interactive Zone Management map.

Set repeating fuel delivery patterns for a tank and orders are automatically scheduled on the correct day or days.  Schedules can be set based on repeating a fixed number of days using Julian schedules or based on repeating a daily pattern over weeks or months. Combined with the Delivery Control tools discussed below, there is no customer situation where the scheduling system can't automate the scheduled order process.

New. Multiple calendar functionality has been added to Julian Schedules in e-Fuel, allowing you to set up a different Julian Schedule for as many calendar periods as you need, satisfying the requirements for customers that need deliveries on a set schedule for part of the year and a different schedule for another part of the year. 

Example: Assume a customer requires deliveries every 7 days from Dec. 1 - Jan. 31, then deliveries every 20 days from Feb. 1 - April 30, then one delivery from May 1 - August 31, and finally deliveries every 20 days from Sep. 1- Nov. 30th. Problem solved using Julian Schedules with Multiple Calendars.

  • Select Delivery Date
    Select Delivery Date
  • Scheduling Methods
    Scheduling Methods
  • Zone Map
    Zone Map
  • Zone Calendar
    Zone Calendar
  • T.M.C. on Julian
    T.M.C. on Julian


Eliminate manually tracking special customer fuel delivery requests.  Minimize manual delivery entry and reduce errors.  Never miss an important fuel delivery.  Automatically group deliveries together for more efficient routes. Combine with e-Fuel Tank Monitors to dramatically boost the scheduling system efficiency. 

Delivery Stop Control with Flexible Stop/Start Scheduling Hold

Having to stop and then restart deliveries without losing customer delivery information in the shuffle can be a real headache.  e-Fuel has your business covered with Flexible 'Delivery Stop Control' tools and 'List Views' that keep the customer in sight for rescheduling. Great for seasonal users, short term projects or temporary issues where fuel deliveries need to be stopped.

Example: Customer #2 is a farmer He calls into the office to tell you that he previously set up a delivery for next week but they are pushing out their drying schedule another week or two and he will give you a call when he knows when they will need a delivery.


With e-Fuel removing the delivery while still tracking your customer for future deliveries is easy. Choose the customer and set the 'Delivery Stop Control' to 'Temporary Stop'. e-Fuel places any open orders under the 'Stop Control Column' in the 'Needs Review List' for quick and easy review. When the customer calls, go to the 'Needs Review List', search for the open delivery, schedule and release. If the customer hasn't called after two weeks, it will be easy to see in the 'Needs Review' list and customer service can proactively call to see if a delivery is needed soon.

Impersonations      Don't Guesstimate-Impersonate!

Powerful tools to efficiently schedule new accounts and rentals.

Leverage your understanding of your customers behaviors to streamline scheduling.

Using tank impersonations:

  • A non-monitored tank can be assigned the statistical profile of a similar monitored tank.

  • A group of custom usage profiles can be set up using existing monitored tanks with solid statistics.

  • Custom manual statistical profiles can be created for special categories of tank impersonations.

Key Feature   Collaborative and Centralized Scheduling

Three features allow e-Fuel to offer this incredible tool.

  1. e-Fuel is web based allowing your team to collaborate on scheduling from anywhere.

  2. Our exclusive 90 Day Order Queue manages deliveries and resources in a continually updated list for the next 90 days.

  3. Data Views which place multiple locations together into custom regional groups. Data Views automatically change to show the interactive schedules, routes, maps and reports for all customers and all locations.  

A scheduling support specialist or team can:

  • Utilize the 90 Day Queue to deliver schedules and manage upcoming changes across locations.

  • Review and lock in schedules for maximum drop and minimum miles.

  • Monitor and manage fuel demand and resources and feed an optimized schedule into e-Fuel.

  • Control delivery changes made at the branch with Scheduling Control Security, Change Tracking and Delivery Lock.

  • Enforce company rules on scheduling management.


  • Stop filling routes with unneeded deliveries.

  • Improve routing efficiency by routing across regions.

  • Better allocate the use of time and resources across the organization.

  • Work all company resources to route more efficiently, maximize drop size and reduce wasted miles.

On Demand Reports

Easy custom reports where and when you need them. Define a search and rerun it any time. Output PDF, Excel or Word. Schedule standard reports for automatic delivery via e-mail.

Interactive charts provide a quick snapshot of daily, weekly and monthly product and resource requirements that summarize the number of fuel deliveries to be made by each vehicle.