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e-Fuel Packs and Promotions

e-Fuel Delivery Management (DM), Mobile and Tank Monitors are designed for the LPG Marketer to help improve profitability by leveraging the latest automation technology. Low risk and low cost. Run parallel with your existing system during start up. Month to month or contract pricing. No IT investment-fits into your existing business setup.   See The Fuel Web store for details!

Don't just monitor-run smarter. Use e-Fuel Lite and start reducing your delivery costs today. e-Fuel Lite doesn't just include tank monitoring with installation tools, alerts and messaging but also forecasting, scheduling, mapping and routing so you can make deliveries on the most cost effective schedule. Use with up to 100 tank monitors. Low cost and low risk. Try e-Fuel side by side with your existing system and see The Fuel Web difference. Buy Now


Use the e-Fuel Pro Delivery Management web application at multiple locations for forecasting, scheduling, mapping and routing. Includes download for e-Fuel Mobile. Tank Monitor and Mobile hardware can be added at any time. No contract required-try it month to month and see how easy migration is from your existing system to the most advanced system on the market. e-Fuel Mobile, designed for Windows based tablets and touchscreens will  seamlessly extend delivery automation from the office to the driver and back. Automate routine processes with e-Fuel Pro and make every mile count. Buy Now



Use e-Fuel Pro with tank monitors and get all the benefits of e-Fuel Delivery Management.  e-Fuel tank monitors are the most accurate and give you the most readings per day so you can have the highest confidence in the reported tank level. Use e-Fuel Delivery Management at multiple locations to forecast, schedule route and map your deliveries. See delivery schedules as far as 90 days out. The e-Fuel Mobile download for Windows based tablets and touchscreens is included and will give drivers and operations additional control over fuel delivery schedules and customer requests. (Mobile hardware purchased separately) Automate routine processes with e-Fuel Pro and make every mile count. Buy Now


e-Fuel Lite is also available for storage tank monitors. Hardware includes storage tank monitor set with connectors for cable and 75' cable. One Gateway supports communication with up to 8 Data Modules in a small geographic area, saving on tank monitor costs for tank farms.


Log in to e-Fuel Delivery Management for installation logs and tracking, alerts and messaging, forecasting, scheduling, mapping and routing.

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