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 The Fuel Web Services

The Fuel Web provides several add on services to e-Fuel Delivery Management. Contact us for details.

Customer Website Integration

The Fuel Web will develop a website and perform system administration that will allow your customers to perform the following tasks online:

1. New Account Activation

2. Submit Credit Application

3. Schedule a Tank Set

4. Schedule a Fuel Delivery

5. Customer Online Account Management including bill payment via EFT and credit card, and ability to view current and historical usage data and current tank level.

Pricing available upon request.

Operating Location and Data Import Options

Support for large regional or national organizations. For Enterprise level customers.

For the LPG marketer that cannot use our standard integration options, The Fuel Web System Integration Services assists with integration between e-Fuel Delivery Management and existing or new accounting systems. This can be an enhancement to one of the standard integration options or a custom interface specified jointly. e-Fuel provides a standard industry interface platform for synchronizing the existing customer database and transaction history into the e-Fuel system. If needed The Fuel Web will establish the development requirements for a two system interface and provide an 'Interface Specification' for use by the LPG marketer, along with a plan and timeline for completion of the system interface. Pricing available upon request.

Call Center Services

The Fuel Web Call Center will make Tank Monitor Deployment calls to the end user notifying them of the Tank Monitor installation program and of their Gateway installation options. We will make follow up calls to customers where a Gateway has been sent but no call in data has been received to ensure prompt installation of the Gateway and answer questions. The Fuel Web Call Center will log all phone call customer contact as open or closed in the Customer Service Notes section of e-Fuel.
Pricing available upon request.

Gateway Mailing Service

The Fuel Web will mail the Gateway directly to the end user after the Data Module has been installed and the end user has been notified of the Tank Monitor deployment program. The Gateway is easily installed by the end user, substantially reducing installation time and costs. Pricing available upon request.