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e-Fuel Tank Monitor Manager

e-Fuel Tank Monitor Manager is the most comprehensive system for the deployment and management of propane tank monitors. e-Fuel is scalable to support fast or slow growth installations, and supports the efficient installation and ongoing management of tank monitors. Build the system you need on your schedule with the most complete system and support in the industry.  Its all part of e-Fuel Delivery Management; leveraging your tank monitor investment to take your business to a new level.

  • Efficiently install and maintain all of your tank monitors.

  • Make the most of your tank monitor investment.

  • Provide a service level differentiation from your competition.

Installation Support  Specialists

e-Fuel Tank Monitors and Tank Monitor Management were designed and created as one system to allow e-Fuel to offer the most options for successful, efficient installation at the customer's site.  e-Fuel tank monitor installation management is a flexible Web based system for

  • building a customer list for installation,

  • contacting the customers for approval,

  • managing installers to complete installations and

  • track the successful operation of the monitor. 

Installation Management
Installation Management

The system is designed to easily handle day to day installations, but more valuable over the long term is the extensive support for deploying and managing tank monitors on large tank monitor deployments. e-Fuel provides installation planning guides, training material and extensive installation reporting. All backed 24/7 by The Fuel Web's customer support team, the most experienced in the industry.

Tank Monitor Installation Logs

An installaton log can be thought of like a file folder; you can create an installation log using a variety of search filters like geographic area, time period (Spring 2013) or any other grouping that is useful to your organization.

  • Create tank monitor installation lists

  • Build installation plans and schedules

  • Contact customers

  • Printed for field use by installers. Logs are designed to be returned by Field Installation personnel with the bar code labels from the tank monitor affixed to the customer account. Bar-coded labels help ensure valid data posting of the tank monitor into the system.

Install Log
Install Log

Use lists to prequalify customers for acceptance of a tank monitor and choose a preferred installation method.  Prequalifying streamlines the installation process in the field and the overall success of your installation program.

Tank Monitor Install Log Build

  • Create tank monitor installation logs of selected customers for installers to use to record installations

  • Break tank monitor installation plans into small manageable areas

  • Efficiently support multiple installers

  • Track installation progress and problems 

Tank monitor Install Log creation is simplified using various filtering methods to easily search for customer accounts. Use maps to efficiently plan installation routes and build logs.  Plan by delivery zone or selected groups of customers. Use Quick Post for changes to existing installations and for quickly adding installed tank monitors to accounts one at a time or moving tank monitors between accounts.

New. Build Install Log using Map. With the latest upgrade you now have the ability to make selections and add customers to the Install Log using our mapping functionality. Get increased flexibility and functionality in creating Installation Logs. You can build part of the log using specific search filters and part of it with the map. Allows for a much more visual method of building your tank monitor installation logs.

Example: With the addition of the mapping functionality, you can zoom into a neighborhood of customers and select all of the customers in that area and add them to the Installation Log.

Tank Monitor Deployment

Tank monitor Deployment Reports provide effective tools that allow the propane company to track the performance of installations and do prompt follow-up to assure tank monitors have been installed and are operating correctly and customers are satisfied.

  • Install Log Build
    Install Log Build
  • Install Log Build Map
    Install Log Build Map
  • Quick Post
    Quick Post
  • Post Installations
    Post Installations


Efficient installation planning and deployment and tracking capabilities of the e-Fuel system allows your company to effectively deploy and maintain a large quantity of tank monitors.  Keep installation costs low, keep tank monitor assets working and effectively maintain a growing tank monitor deployment.

Tank Monitor Alerts and Messages

Anywhere/Anytime Status, Messages and Alerts

  • Low Fuel Level Alert

  • Unusual Usage Alert

  • Inside Temperature Alert

  • Fill Alert

  • Sensor Alert

  • Installation Test alert

Choose Alert Message
Choose Alert Message

Quickly review and manage tank monitor alert messages on screen. Once alerts are acknowledged messages are automatically moved to an archiving page for future reference.  Drivers and field personnel using e-Fuel Mobile see tank monitor status for each customer when making deliveries for quick checks of any problems while at the tank.


All tank monitor messages and alerts can be reviewed 24/7, and be sent via e-mail or text. Easily customize who receives alerts and messages in your organization. Alert set points can be easily changed based on individual customer requirements.

Alert Message Maintenance
Alert Message Maintenance

Quickly learn about any change in tank monitor status and any action that needs to be taken.

eFuel  provides very convenient access to tank monitor status and delivery schedules.

Drivers and Field Tech's have timely information to schedule a check when they are in the area.


Tank monitor anywhere/anytime status is a very effective tool for Customer Service personnel and Field Technicians to reduce the cost and time required to install and maintain a large number of tank monitor installations.

tank monitor status
Tank Monitor Status

Tank Monitor Maintenance Console


Easy access to tank monitor status, settings, installation and configuration history.

Change Tank Type, Low Level and Low Temp Trigger and Unusual Usage thresholds. 

Suppress alerts to temporarily stop messaging from a problem installation.  

Management Console
Management Console


The e-Fuel system works with you to stay informed of current tank monitor level status and any tank monitor reporting issues.  Flexible, easy to use configuration allows you to make the most of your tank monitor investment.

Tank Monitor Customized Reporting

  • 30+ Standard Reports with Report Scheduling.

  • Choose format PDF, Word or Excel.

  • On Demand Reports using on screen search results.

  • Powerful search capabilities, available throughout e-Fuel, quickly locate tank monitor and account records. 

  • Print On Demand reports from ad hoc searches.

Saved Searches allow the user to save any search with a custom name for quick access later.  Saved searches are specific to an e-Fuel page so choosing appropriate search criteria is easier than using a general report system.

Historical Charting

Easily review detailed maintenance event history for each tank monitor including purchase and installation history.  Easy access to all historical data. Chart historical tank level data as well as all alerts, such as Fill, Low level, Communication error and Inside and Outside Temperature

New. Cathodic Protection Test Records. For underground tanks; record test dates and up to four Anode readings per test with a Pass or Fail status. Print test history and results. Easy one stop location to keep records required by Fire and Emergency agencies, set future test dates and track installation progress.

  • Saved Search & Print Results
    Saved Search & Print Results
  • Tank Monitor Reports
    Tank Monitor Reports
  • Saved Search
    Saved Search
  • Historical Charting
    Historical Charting


Saved Searches combine with On Demand Reports to provide a very flexible custom reporting system. Allows users to quickly access the information needed to get their jobs done. Quick access to historical data is beneficial for trouble shooting installations and resolving customer usage and delivery questions.

Tank Monitor Advanced Data Collection and Filtering

Providing 48 level and temperature readings per day provides significant advantages over less frequent data collection.  The system easily filters out reading anomalies frequently experienced with older tanks and during fills, with plenty of remaining data to record accurate usage patterns.  Frequent readings provide the detailed data needed to differentiate usage patterns of heat and non heat usage, spa and pool loads and unexpected additional loads.  e-Fuel's Revolution Forecasting takes full advantage of as much data as possible to greatly improve the accuracy and consistency of usage forecasts.

Data Collection
Data Collection

The e-Fuel Tank Monitor Sensors have proprietary sensor reading algorithms to eliminate unreliable readings common in very low power systems.


Reliable, utility grade data to drive your organizations tank monitor program and consistently improve operating efficiency.  Gives you the quantity and quality of data that is the foundation for a streamlined operation now and in the future.

Tank Monitors: Part of e-Fuel Delivery Management

Take your tank monitor investment to the next level; every tank monitor comes with the most automated, advanced easy to use propane delivery management in the industry.  See the difference.

  • Tank Monitor Console
    Tank Monitor Console
  • Delivery Set Map
    Delivery Set Map