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Tank Monitor Testing Equipment

Universal Test Unit

e-Fuel testing equipment

The Universal Test Unit (UTU) is a field testing device for Tank Monitor Installation. The number of UTU's required will depend on the number of tank monitors you intend to install and if you will install in multiple areas on the same day.


The Universal Test Unit displays the Data Module ID and tank monitor float level. Powered by 4 AAA batteries.


e-PaDS Programming and Diagnostic Station

Propane companies that deploy a lot of tank monitors require a convenient diagnostic and general maintenance tool for Gateways and Data Modules. After 10+ years working with numerous  companies on full tank monitor deployments and managing the associated maintenance, The Fuel Web created e-PaDS, a diagnostic and maintenance tool to keep tank monitors working for you and your customers. Combined with e-Fuel's advanced tank monitor installation and maintenance system you have everything needed to maximize the return on your tank monitor investment.  Get the testing functionality we have at The Fuel Web when manufacturing our tank monitors.

e-PaDS is a stand alone dedicated PC workstation with custom TFW hardware and software that would typically be set up at a branch or central maintenance location. 

Capabilities include:
• Test Center
• Configuration Center
• Activity Center

Components include:
Laptop Workstation
Scanner for barcodes
Setup Module
Sensor Level Test
Gateway Firmware
Reprogramming Fixture 
Serial cables
TI™ Programmer

Test Center e-Fuel Gateway Factory test
Gateway Factory Test
e-Fuel Data Module Factory Test
Data Module Factory Test

Perform the same factory diagnostic tests for your tank monitor as when the unit was manufactured.

The factory test displays power levels, temperature and the sensor level reading.

Put the Data Module 'to sleep' a mode that keeps it inactive to conserve the battery until you are ready to reinstall on a customer tank.

Configuration Center

In the Configuration Center view all the current settings of the Gateway Module, reset to the factory defaults and configure various settings like temperature and phone prefix.

In the Activity Center you will see the history of the Gateway or the Data Module. 

Activity Center

e-Fuel programming and diagnostic station
Reset Factory Defaults
e-Fuel Gateway Module history
Gateway Module History

Available with Gateway Programming Stand.
e-Fuel diagnostic station without programming stand
Available without Gateway Programming Stand.