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e-Fuel Customer Service Tools

Modern tools and processes that differentiate your level of service for regular fill customers and will call customers.

Right Click Navigation Menu allows you to freely navigate horizontally across the system on a selected customer to save time and improve service. Keeps the focus on the customer. Fast and efficient access to all customer delivery information and functions with just two clicks from anywhere within e-Fuel.

Provides access to:

  • Account Information

  • Account Credit Information

  • Delivery History

  • Customer Service Notes

  • Tank Monitor Status

  • Delivery Forecast, List and Maps

Improve customer service while minimizing operating costs.

Advanced Scheduling

e-Fuel Delivery Management tightly integrates with your accounts receivable system and e-Fuel Mobile system to provide timely credit status information.

Credit Status

Have accurate credit status within e-Fuel when reviewing delivery schedules and contacting customers.

When credit status changes or special arrangements are made with the customer this information is easily addded or updated on screen.

Relevant status can be communicated to the driver within e-Fuel Mobile.

Will Call Integration

90 Day Order Queue provides a list of will call customers estimated to need a fill in the next 90 days.

Proactively call customers before they have a chance to call the competition. Suggest a delivery date that fits into the existing routes.

Experience smoother operations, and increased opportunities to turn will call customers into regular routed customers.

Tank Monitor Console

Tank monitor installation logs allow for easy installation tracking and management.

  • Access detailed account information as it relates to a specific customer:

  • Account Number

  • Installation Address

  • Delivery Zone

  • Tank Serial Number

  • Tank Capacity

  • Will Call Status

Pop up map locator of installation and tank street address.

Displays tank monitor information:

  • Overall Tank Monitor Status

  • Last Display Call

  • Last Tank Monitor Reading

  • Float Level

  • Inside Temperature

  • Data Module & Gateway ID #

Tank monitor status list based on the chosen Data View. Includes number of:

  • Installed Tank Monitors

  • Tank Monitors Off Line

  • Tank Monitors Requiring Attention

Use tank monitor details pop-up screen to determine the cause of a tank monitor status change.

Detailed history of both Data Module and Gateway deployment event history.

Integrated Mobile Messaging

Integrates with e-Fuel Mobile for real time interaction for customer service needs and updated delivery information.

Customer Service Notes

A CRM application native to e-Fuel Delivery Management that is designed to be utilized as a tracking mechanism and report generator, improving customer care and optimizing product sales. Pop up dialogue page with pre-written action statements.

Access anywhere in e-Fuel just by right clicking on the customer name. Create service cases and easily add notes to open cases. Open service cases can be assigned to customer service, field service or management. Maintains a customer service resolution list in each department that touches the customer.

Notes flow horizontally from the office onto bobtails equiped with e-Fuel Mobile, and back in real time. Customer service issues can be viewed and responded to while the driver is with the customer.

Case Management

Use filter tools to search for an account, or a group of accounts. Use advanced search when there is limited information about the customer. 

Web page dialogue search. Search by specific customer service case or search for all cases that have been created for a specific customer.

Assign, manage and forward unresolved customer service issues to the correct personnel.

Unresolved customer issues are available on demand in exception report format for review and resolution planning.

Call Reason
Call Notes
Call Action
Pop Up menu screens allow the user to use a default list of common statements to reduce repetitive typing input.

Archived history of customer interactions.